Launch Q4 2024

Bioenergetic Pyramids

Advanced Quantum Biofield

Regeneration & recovery of the body

Altered states of consciousness

Energized drinking water

+1000 Frequencies


  • Scalar energy

  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF)

  • Frequency Specific Microcurrent

  • Light Spectrum

  • Induced Atmospheric energy

  • H2O Frequency Specific energizer


  • Phi Pyramids

  • Tesla Coils

  • Rife Frequencies

  • Water Bottles w/ Plasma & Coils

  • Microcurrent Plasma Stations

  • Secondary Coil Amplifiers


The story behind the core instruments of Phi Ra.

In the early 1900’s the world knew two geniuses that could have changed our healthcare if they where not censored and blocked in their pursuit.

Nikola Tesla & Raymond Rife created astonishing bioenergetic solutions and laid the foundation of the energetic health technologies we know today.

  • Nikola Tesla &

The Frequency Generator

  • Raymond Rife &

The Frequency List

The Frequency Generator:

Tesla coil

by Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla, the wizard and inventor that created most of our modern world. One of his inventions is our frequency generator better named as Tesla Coil.

The Tesla Coil was used for various innovative experiments. Transmission of electrical energy without wires, lighting, X-rays, phosphorescence and electrotherapy.

Tesla publicized the electrotherapy during his lectures and captured the attention of many well-known physicians like Jacques Arsène d’Arsonval and Paul Oudin.

During this period, physicians experimented with applying electric and magnetic frequencies to the human body. After years of experiments three major devices where approved and globally supplied. The Tesla coil, Oudin Coil and d’Arsonval Coil became widely used with great health results.

The Frequency List:

Rife Frequencies

by Raymond Rife

The genius who created the term “Mortal Oscillatory Rate” when he exposed bacteria and viruses to electromagnetic frequencies. He discovered that each microbe and virus has a particular frequency that it is vulnerable to.

Raymond Rife scientifically tested over 1000 frequencies, frequencies with astonishing heath benefits. He documented and reported numerous successful recovery stories.

Today we have mobile apps that can play these Rife Frequencies and pass this through various generators and devices for healing purposes.