A wide range of applications depending on the product of your choice.

  • Insomnia
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Parasitic Disorders
  • Induce meditation & trigger energy centers
  • Intoxication and Toxic Stress
  • Sports Injuries


• headache/migraine
• knee disorders
• shoulder-arm-syndrome/ cervicobrachial syndrome
• gout
• joint pain
• back pain
• sciatica
• muscle pain
• neuropathic pain
• pain treatment in case of bone fractures
• pain in osteoporosis
• menstrual pain
• wound treatment
• strains
• suppression of scar interferences


• Herpes Labialis
• shingles
• acne Brain/nerves
• memory
• tinnitus
• stroke
• multiple sclerosis
• epilepsy
• Parkinson´s
• Alzheimer´s
• neuritis
Internal medicine 
• diabetes
• liver diseases
• ulcers of the stomach and duodenum
Cardiovascular system 
• blood pressure regulation
• encouraging the blood flow
• cellulite
• skin smoothing
• psoriasis


• depression
• states of anxiety
• aggression
• insomnia
• improvement of the ability to concentrate
• addiction treatment
• learning disability
• stress/burnout


• Open Meridians
• Activate Chakras
• Altered states of consciousness
• Induce Lucid dreaming & transcendental meditation

All chronic disease is characterized by having inadequate voltage.

The human body is electrical, our heart is driven by electricity and every single cell consists of electromagnetic charges for all functions including recovery and regeneration. 

Qi-Aura Solutions help activate and balance your energy system. A balanced energy body stabilizes and regulates the healthy function of the entire body.

Benefits of bioenergetic tools

Recovery at the root

All disease starts with cells that have a different frequency & vibration, an electrical pattern that is out of balance from it’s natural healthy rhythm. Qi-Aura Bioenergetic or Bioresonance instruments function as an external energy source that resonate with cells in the body. We work with thousands of scientifically tested frequencies to charge your cellular biofield to it’s natural rhythm. When cells vibrate at their natural tone they regenerate & recover.

Deep healing

Bioelectric currents can travel deep into the cellular structures, narrowing down the need for violent interventions like surgery or chemo therapy.

Open Chakras & Meridians

Bioelectricity helps to activate your nervous system. This is known as unblocking Qi. Qi-Aura Bioenergetics clear meridians of blocked Qi, enabling energy to flow freely.

Chakra’s or energy centers like the pineal gland have specific frequencies when active, certain Qi-Aura instruments can emit those frequencies to trigger your chakra’s and increase your energetic body control.

Energizing & Rejuvenating

Studies have shown that certain frequencies can increase ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production, which provides cells with the energy required to regenerate and stay healthy. A higher ATP is proven to rejuvenate the cells and maintain at its peak performance.

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