Who are we?

A team of hollistic health practitioners, engineers & researchers that are passionate about energetic health.

Mission: Change Healthcare to a energetic approach.

Vision: Empower people to take control of their own health & well-being.

Value: Compassion, love & honesty over profit.

Story of the founder

Jeremiah, Founder of Qi-Aura, learned about health & the energy of the body when he had cancer & various ailments.

Doctors & pharmaceuticals could not help his cases so he started a journey into energetic health. Jeremiah became a researcher and student in quantum physics & the energetic root of the body. His background in engineering & practices as Qi Gong gave him the ideal foundation to build on.

After years of steep learning curves he healed himself with bioenergetic instruments. This journey led him to Qi-Aura, a mission to heal more people with his findings.


The mission of the Qi-Aura team is to provide groundbreaking energetic health solutions to improve our healthcare and increase the awareness of our energetic nature.